The Future of Sustainable Energy

26 June, 2021

The need for plentiful, sustainable energy that doesn’t disrupt the delicate balance of the Earth’s atmosphere may be the single most important issue facing this generation. The decisions we make and the technologies we develop over the next few decades will have profound implications for geopolitics, wildlife, food production, and …

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Careers in Sustainable Energy

19 June, 2021

The sustainable energy job market and the industry as a whole are poised for significant, global growth. As it becomes more cost effective to leverage clean and renewable energy sources, many organizations need professionals and leaders who not only understand the sustainable energy market but have the broad understanding of …

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Sustainable Energy Policy Insights From JHU Students

5 May, 2021

Powering a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future requires advanced problem solving and rigorous data analysis. The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) community is dedicated to building up renewable energy infrastructure and proactively confronting the effects of climate change. Our faculty not only engage in groundbreaking research and …

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