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Student Testimonial: Why I Chose the MA in Sustainable Energy

23 August, 2023

Abigail Hunter, a current student in the Master of Arts in Sustainable Energy (online) program, decided to pursue graduate study in order to specialize her knowledge in the field of sustainable energy, with a particular interest in energy storage. In the Q&A below, learn why she chose the MA in …

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The Inflation Reduction Act and Renewable Energy Policy

18 November, 2022

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), signed into law by President Joe Biden on August 16, 2022, included measures focused on a variety of issues such as prescription drug prices and corporate taxes. But most significantly, the bill has been widely described as the single greatest investment in battling climate change …

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The Future of Sustainable Energy

26 June, 2021

The need for plentiful, sustainable energy that doesn’t disrupt the delicate balance of the Earth’s atmosphere may be the single most important issue facing this generation. The decisions we make and the technologies we develop over the next few decades will have profound implications for geopolitics, wildlife, food production, and …

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Sustainable Energy Policy Insights From JHU Students

5 May, 2021

Powering a cleaner, more environmentally friendly future requires advanced problem solving and rigorous data analysis. The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) community is dedicated to building up renewable energy infrastructure and proactively confronting the effects of climate change. Our faculty not only engage in groundbreaking research and …

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Jonas Nahm Testifies Before Congress on a Green Recovery From COVID-19

31 March, 2021

With vaccine supplies ramping up, it seems an end to the COVID-19 global pandemic is finally in sight. But even after the coronavirus is under control, the United States and nations around the world will confront serious economic challenges as they strive to deal with high unemployment and help industries …

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JHU Professor Jonas Nahm Discusses China’s Clean Energy Transition

24 September, 2020

China is responsible for a greater share of the carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere than any other country. The International Energy Agency estimated that China emitted 9.5 metric gigatons of the greenhouse gas in 2018, accounting for more than a quarter of the global total of 33.5 gigatons. However, …

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